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1 Month Old June 3, 2013

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Well, Adam and I survived the first month with our precious Avery Grace.  And by survived, I hope no one takes that to be a negative…however, anyone who has had a newborn knows exactly what I mean by this.  It has truly been the toughest four weeks of my life!  However, it has also been the most rewarding and special and amazing and the list goes on and on with positive words here.  I do miss sleeping a consecutive 8-9 hours a night, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything when I pick up our baby girl and feel her melt into my arms.  I love and adore her more than words can describe.

Month 1 - side

Month 1

What has changed over the past 4 weeks?

-At Avery’s four week check-up she was up to 8 pounds, 2 ounces.

-She now looks and stares at our faces.

-She smiles, though not at anything specific…I can’t wait for her to actually smile at us!

-She has a little activity gym that she loves to lay under and look at.

-She is also awake and looking around soo much more than she was the first few weeks.  She doesn’t just sleep ALL the time.  With this though, she now sometimes likes to be awake in the middle of the night for an hour or more at a time.  This I could do without.  :)

It’s very hard to believe that it has already been a month since…

-Avery has been in our lives.

-I was extremely pregnant.  Looking at the last belly picture I took, I already can’t believe I was that big.  It just seems crazy.

-I slept more than 3 hours in a row at a time.  Being a lover of sleep, I never thought this would be possible, but I’m still functioning and being somewhat productive.  Some days my grumpiness at being so tired is hard to overcome though.  Sorry Adam.

-I have been out of school/not working.  The best is that Adam and I still have all of June and July to enjoy Avery and time together as a family of 3.

In the next few weeks I am most looking forward to…

-Watching Avery change on a daily basis.

-Avery crying less…our pediatrician told us crying peaks at 6 weeks, so we’ve only got a few more to get through before it starts getting better.

-Heading to Macon to see the Grandparents.  I know they can’t wait to see Avery, as a month has been too long!

-Getting back into the groove of exercising and going to the gym again.  I haven’t been since the night before Avery was born.  So I’m very ready to get back into a routine and trying to get back into shape.

-Testing out more yummy dinner recipes that do not involve carbs.  Adam and I are working to eat less carbs.  This week we made Lasagna with no pasta, and pizza with a cauliflower crust.  We were surprised with how much we enjoyed both and didn’t miss the carbs one bit!  The crust can be found HERE and the Lasagna can be found HERE.

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2 Responses to “1 Month Old”

  1. Aunt Pat Says:

    OMIGOSH, she is as gorgeous as they all say. Ross and I especially love the one with the Cardinal top. Thanks for sharing. lv2all3

    • LindseyJuly Says:

      Her Dad actually bought the Cards onesie for her! He did buy some MN Twins ones though too.

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