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Things That Are “Saving” My Life Right Now February 1, 2015

After a recommendation from my BFF, I have started reading the blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy.  She writes a lot about books, which are my favorite posts, but recently she inspired me to type up a list of things that are making this winter that much more bearable…to be posted on Groundhog’s Day, the halfway point of winter.  To explain and encourage her readers to do the same, she writes,

“I’m marking the things—big and small—that are making my life so peculiarly precious during this season. The things that are saving my life, even if it sounds silly to say so. “

So, without further explanation, here is my list of things that are “saving” me from the winter blues:


1. Boots, boots, boots — I would not mind dressing up for work in the winter if I could just wear jeans every day with a nice sweater or top…but that is frowned up.  I also do not like wearing heels to teach in, but I think they look the best with dress pants, so basically this amounts to me not really enjoying dressing up for work.  :p  My solution to this problem has been to wear boots  every chance I get.  I wear them with various colors of leggings or with skinny jeans in a variety of non-blue colors.  i.e.  I have a new khaki pair from American Eagle that are super cute with brown boots.  The only problem that this creates, is that I am always dreaming of another pair that I “need” to buy.  (Boots from, Journey’s, and



2. Coffee — Coffee is the new water…at least for me it seems to be.  Not only do I love it, but I feel that it is a necessity.  Three cups minimum.  Every now and then I even drink a cup after I get home from work too, as I feel I need a little caffeine boost, but do not want to drink a soda.  (After reading several articles lately about how terrible pop is for you, I’ve been trying to cut it out almost completely.) This particular day I had Starbucks, that pretty much only happens about once month.  Most days I stick to using my precious Keurig.



3. Dreaming of Florida — My husband and I had gone on a vacation every single year we were together, usually to various parts of Florida…and then we had Avery.  Ha.  Two years later, we are finally going back, this time with our baby.  We have a condo booked for Orlando the first week of June.  Adam and I are constantly talking about and planning different aspects of the trip.  It’s making the end of the school year that much more exciting and giving me a reason to daydream about summer.  (Trip to the Key’s in 2011.)


Key West





4. Books — Books are my constant go-to for entertainment.  When I am reading something really good I get excited for the opportunity to sneak in even five minutes.  Plus, when there is no beautiful weather outside calling my name…cuddling up with a good book and a blanket sounds pretty darn good.






5. Not Being Sick, one day at a time — Winter has not been kind to me thus far.  I have already been sick twice since November, and as I type this have almost completely lost my voice…not sure yet if it’s going to turn into something more.  There are constantly sick students all around me, as well as sick students around my husband, plus all of the toddlers running around Avery’s daycare with her.  Therefore, truly every day that I wake up and feel “not sick” is a blessing, as is when Avery and Adam both seem well too.



Flash Forward Six Months October 10, 2014

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….and then six months passed without me writing a single blog post.  Whoops.  Let me touch on the highlights…right after I set the October theme with this picture:



  • Avery hit the one-year mark, and is now only 20 days away from being a year-and-a-half old.  Every day I look at her and am amazed at how much she has grown and continues to change.
  • After several ridiculously minor technicalities, I finally met all of the requirements for my master’s thesis by the end of the summer, and officially graduated.  I now happily have my Masters in Secondary Education with an Emphasis in Mathematics.
  • Adam has taken on a crazy amount of responsibilities this school year, particularly here at the beginning while coaching football.  I’m so proud of him and thankful that he is willing to work so hard for our family.  Avery and I enjoy every little bit of free time we can get with him, because he has very little!
  • My school year is off to a very different start than his.  I only have two preps, both of which I’ve taught before…needless to say, it’s easy!  My number 1 focus right now is pretty much just Avery.  It is wonderful!
  • We had such a great summer, although it was a busy one.   We  went to a Springfield Cardinals game, Dogwood Canyon south of Branson, the zoo, multiple trips to Silver Dollar City, went pontooning on Table Rock, and had trips to Macon and Bolivar to see the grandparents.  Avery and I also went on a LOT of walks, went to multiple playgrounds, and had several trips to the city pool-which she LOVED. I also ran quite a bit in June and July…130 miles to be exact.


IMG_2672 IMG_2700


AVERY is amazing.

-She is talking like crazy.  She has over 40-50 words that she says all the time.  Every day it seems she is saying something new that I had no idea that she even knew.

-She is obviously walking by now, not only that but practically running at times, and climbing on everything.

-She is a sweetheart, and loves to be snuggled and kissed on.  She gives great hugs, and sometimes kisses too if you are lucky.

-After being at daycare all day, she doesn’t let me out of her sight from the moment we get home.  She follows me everywhere, and wants me to hold her as much as my arms can allow.  ;)

-In my eyes, she is of course impossibly cute.  So adorable still that I really could just watch her all day long and never bore of it.

-She loves to play and loves to get into everything.  She is interested in absolutely everything.  She loves books, and loves to bring them to me to read to her.  She loves music, and enjoys dancing and clapping her hands to anything with a beat.

-She is not the best eater, but she is improving.  Her favorites though, are cheese and crackers.  Oh, and chocolate too.  (Though she rarely gets any.)  Can you believe it Nannie?

-She has stolen my heart forever.  I thank God every single day for blessing me with such a precious daughter.  <3



The Past 10 Weeks in Pictures October 20, 2013

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We made it through the last 10 weeks of craziness.  It was rough, but rewarding all at the same time.  Avery got lots of quality time with her Granny and with Mari and her daughters (cousins).  I will always think of this time as being so very special.  I feel extremely blessed that she was able to spend months 3 through 6 of her life with these two wonderful women.  I love you both and appreciate you each so very much!

Tomorrow we begin a new chapter, as we take Avery to daycare.  It has been rough on me thinking about the change, but Adam has done everything he can to reassure me that this is the right place for Avery.  They will take very good care of her and she will get the chance to interact with 7 other babies, as well as make some possible lifetime friends.  Not to mention, Adam will be a short five minutes away, and with football being over, this change will allow all three of us to get so much more family time together.  I can’t wait!

And with that…here are some of my favorite pictures from all of these weeks of NO blog posts.


Mari’s adorable pictures of Avery at her house.



Avery’s first football game.  We visited Daddy on the job.  :)



Some of my favorite faces.



Reading the paper with Granddad on one of our Thursday night sleepovers.



All smiles in the Bumbo.



My favorite picture of Avery to-date.  This is her true smile.



But wait, this smile is pretty darn good too!!



More of Avery and Momma snuggling up.



Checking out deer pictures with Daddy.



I still get a few Avery naps on me every now and then.   One of my favorite things in the world.



This one is from yesterday.  She loves to play!


Life is good.


Life is Too Busy… August 24, 2013

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Life is too busy right now to spend what little free time I have with my Avery girl to write on my blog instead.

Driving, working, grading math work, making bottles, creating trig notes, cooking dinner, pumping, packing a diaper bag, working on my thesis, doing laundry, cleaning when I can, sleeping every now and then, and of course getting to spend my evenings with Adam and Avery.

BUT amongst all that I still can’t help but constantly take pictures of Avery. Plus I get at least one cute pic a day when she spends the day with Aunt Mari and her girls. So after several requests I’ll get right to what everyone really wants…pictures of Avery. Here is a handful of my favorites over the past few weeks.

After her first roll from back-to-tummy.


Momma’s cutie!

Trip to Branson with Grandma and Grandpa.

Currently the lock screen picture on my phone. I LOVE this one. My two loves.



Sleeping on Momma.




Playing in the Boppy.


Watching TV in Momma’s lap before dozing off.



My grinnin’ girl.


Saying I adore and love this girl is putting it lightly. :)


Life is About to Get CRAZY! July 28, 2013

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Two weeks from today I will be experiencing the Sunday night blues once again, after a three month hiatus.  That dreaded feeling in the pit of my stomach knowing that the weekend is almost over, time with Adam and now Avery is going to be minimal for the next five days, and that I have to get up super early and head off to work.  About 95% of the time I actually really enjoy my job, so I can’t even imagine what it must feel like if you dislike your job!


I am more anxious and worried about going to back to school than ever before, despite this being my 7th year of teaching, for a multitude of reasons.  Because I love making lists and because my husband is probably getting tired of listening to me  vent, I will do so here to see if writing can actually be therapeutic as many say…


So why is life about to get CRAZY?  The top 5 reasons:

1. I now have another person besides myself I’m responsible for!  And as the day gets closer and closer I’m getting more and more sad thinking about not being with Avery every day, all day, like I have been for the past 3 months.  I foresee crying on my part over leaving her in my future.  :(

2. Because of #1, I will be driving my baby about an hour each day to stay with my best, and most generous friend and my Mom each day for 10 weeks until her spot at the daycare we chose comes available.  This will be a lot of driving, and will mean SUPER early mornings for me.  (This will take a lot of planning and packing the night before!  Bottles, my lunches, work outfit, diapers, clothes, gas in my car, etc.)

3. Adam will be starting football season.  Practice each day and a game a week will leave him exhausted and not home as much to help with the babe.

4. Adam and I are each teaching new and very challenging classes this year.  He will be teaching IB and AP Physics for the first time.  This will be a LOT of extra work for him.  And I am teaching Trig/Pre-Calculus for the first time…which will also be a lot of work trying to reteach myself much of the material that I have forgotten!

5. I will be taking 3 graduate hours to complete my master’s thesis this fall semester.  This is going to take an immense amount of determination and self-discipline to accomplish this task.  I am dreading this!!!


***Wish me luck folks.  It’s going to be a tough semester.  I’m just hopeful that I can find enough time to spend with my precious baby girl and husband.***



Snow White Photo Shoot July 9, 2013

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A friend bought Avery a Snow White costume before she was born.  I don’t think she had any idea…but when I was in high school I got called Snow White a lot, because of my dark hair and super pale skin.  So how appropriate that my little mini-me would actually get a Snow White costume.  :)  While I couldn’t find any pictures from HS on my computer (it was sooo long ago that we didn’t have all of our pictures in digital form), I did find a few from about 7 years ago as an example…

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3

My Mom, or shall I say Granny, as she is to Avery, came over a few weeks ago for the day and we played dress up for the first time.  The costume is Newborn size, so we knew we needed to take the picture as soon possible before it was too late.

I am not big on super-fancy baby clothes, or headbands and bows on babies.  I know how much I dislike wearing headbands because of how uncomfortable they are…so why in the world would I put them on my baby who can’t tell me if doesn’t like them?!?!?  I find it a bit mean.  So, with that being said, the bow that you see in some of the pictures is simply sitting on her head.

1.SnowWhiteSerious“Not so sure about this whole dress thing and the fact that you keep taking my picture!”

1.SnowWhite4“I’m still not sure about this guys.”

1.SnowWhite3We actually got her to grin on this one!!


1.SnowWhiteSerious Snow White.

1.SnowWhiteCriesAnd this is when the photo shoot ended.

I foresee a future Halloween costume idea in the making.


Baby Books Have Been Keeping Me From Blogging… (Sure, sure.) June 27, 2013

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For about 25 weeks I was very much on top of the blogging, getting at least one post in a week.  Now, since Avery has been born…not so much!  She makes finding time to write a bit more challenging, not to mention I don’t have my weekly belly prompts to keep me going.  Being the list person that I am, that format was much more suited for me than just free-response type posts.  Now, I’m not even sure what to write about!

So…here’s the BIG excuse I’m going to use for today about why I haven’t been writing…and that is Avery’s baby books.  ;)

Over the past few weeks I have been working to complete “The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly.”  I had it mostly filled in before Avery’s birth, but have been working to fill in the remaining pages all about her birth, and gluing in all of the last few weeks of belly pictures and pictures from the hospital.  It has turned out to be a really neat book that I will be able to look back on, and that some day, if she’s at all interested, Avery can look at too.  It has taken a lot of time to fill out, but I love the finished product!

I also just bought the follow-up to this book, “My Baby Book: A Keepsake Journal for Baby’s First Year.”  I have had lot’s to fill-in up front on that one as well.  Then, it will only be every month.  I’m not big on scrap-booking, as that takes even more time than this…so these books are the perfect alternative.

There is one more book in this series called “Your Birthday Book: A Keepsake Journal” that chronicles every year from 1 to 18.  I have not bought this one yet, but plan to.

*I bought all of these books on Amazon if anyone is interested in getting their own copies.  Love them!


~I really do hope to get back to writing more frequently!  And I promise to have a two month post coming up…which is only a few days away.  HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE????  I leave you with two quick pics of my favorite girl.

After her bath.  What a cutie in her duckie towel.

Sitting on my lap, looking oh so serious, and showing off those chubby cheeks.


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