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Holiday Happiness Coming Right Up November 18, 2014

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With Thanksgiving only a little over a week away, Christmas commercials everywhere, and Amazon’s Pre-Black Friday deals happening already, it’s virtually impossible not to have the holidays on my brain! It seems crazy to believe that Avery’s second Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching. And with that comes all the driving and visiting family that is so very exhausting. I love all of our family, I love spending quality time with them, and I want them to get to experience what Avery is like right now…but I just wish there were a way to make it easier. I want to please everyone, while also doing what it best for my own little family. I also want to have some of our own traditions that Avery can look forward to each year. Adam and I want to see if we can make that happen this year.


And with that, I cannot wait to decorate for Christmas this year! Especially because I think Avery is going to LOVE it. Whether or not she can leave ornaments within her reach alone…that is still to be determined. Below are some gorgeous ideas that are really getting me in the decorating mood.

Adding a large graphic design element (like these snowflakes from The Dollar Tree) draws attention to the tree. It also helps space the other ornaments evenly by creating "compartments."

An all white-themed tree. Found on


Elf on the Shelf Ideas

We got one of these for Christmas last year, so I can’t wait to get him out. Found on


Candy Cane Blossoms

I’m not usually one to be big into baking…but these really make me want to make some to take to work.

Found on


A Colorful Christmas Tree Idea! #gradient #christmas #tree

A gradient Christmas tree. I definitely want to do this some day, when we have room for more than one tree.

Found on


Christmas stove top potpourri on ...makes your home smell like Christmas!

This I hope to do over Thanksgiving break as I decorate the house.

Found on




And lastly…bundling and snuggling. Two of my favorites with my sweet girl!


My dearest husband, you can make that trip up to the attic any day now.

And to everyone else, wish me luck with all of this decorating I plan to do while I have my toddler running around everywhere getting into EVERYTHING. It will certainly be a challenge. :)


Flash Forward Six Months October 10, 2014

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….and then six months passed without me writing a single blog post.  Whoops.  Let me touch on the highlights…right after I set the October theme with this picture:



  • Avery hit the one-year mark, and is now only 20 days away from being a year-and-a-half old.  Every day I look at her and am amazed at how much she has grown and continues to change.
  • After several ridiculously minor technicalities, I finally met all of the requirements for my master’s thesis by the end of the summer, and officially graduated.  I now happily have my Masters in Secondary Education with an Emphasis in Mathematics.
  • Adam has taken on a crazy amount of responsibilities this school year, particularly here at the beginning while coaching football.  I’m so proud of him and thankful that he is willing to work so hard for our family.  Avery and I enjoy every little bit of free time we can get with him, because he has very little!
  • My school year is off to a very different start than his.  I only have two preps, both of which I’ve taught before…needless to say, it’s easy!  My number 1 focus right now is pretty much just Avery.  It is wonderful!
  • We had such a great summer, although it was a busy one.   We  went to a Springfield Cardinals game, Dogwood Canyon south of Branson, the zoo, multiple trips to Silver Dollar City, went pontooning on Table Rock, and had trips to Macon and Bolivar to see the grandparents.  Avery and I also went on a LOT of walks, went to multiple playgrounds, and had several trips to the city pool-which she LOVED. I also ran quite a bit in June and July…130 miles to be exact.


IMG_2672 IMG_2700


AVERY is amazing.

-She is talking like crazy.  She has over 40-50 words that she says all the time.  Every day it seems she is saying something new that I had no idea that she even knew.

-She is obviously walking by now, not only that but practically running at times, and climbing on everything.

-She is a sweetheart, and loves to be snuggled and kissed on.  She gives great hugs, and sometimes kisses too if you are lucky.

-After being at daycare all day, she doesn’t let me out of her sight from the moment we get home.  She follows me everywhere, and wants me to hold her as much as my arms can allow.  ;)

-In my eyes, she is of course impossibly cute.  So adorable still that I really could just watch her all day long and never bore of it.

-She loves to play and loves to get into everything.  She is interested in absolutely everything.  She loves books, and loves to bring them to me to read to her.  She loves music, and enjoys dancing and clapping her hands to anything with a beat.

-She is not the best eater, but she is improving.  Her favorites though, are cheese and crackers.  Oh, and chocolate too.  (Though she rarely gets any.)  Can you believe it Nannie?

-She has stolen my heart forever.  I thank God every single day for blessing me with such a precious daughter.  <3



The Last Few Months in Pictures April 8, 2014

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Obviously I have been MIA on my blog posting the last few months. I have been taking no less pictures than usual, including Avery’s 10 and 11-month pics…but have had absolutely no time to sit down and edit pictures and write posts. Today I found about five minutes at work, because I was desperate for a break, to make a post of random pictures I’ve taken with my phone. So for now that’s the best I can do! The end is in sight though!!!

-One week until my thesis defense.

-Less than two weeks until my final thesis is to be turned in.  (Hoping I meet the deadline.)

-Another week after that until my comprehensive exams.

-And one more week after all of that until my last final.

If I can be successful with each of the above items, then my graduate degree will be complete…and I will have much more time for blogging again.  :)











In a nut-shell, Avery loves to play!  And the last picture is of Avery’s first trip to Silver Dollar City and her first train ride.  I adore my little family and feel oh-so lucky to have them.

-Shout-out to Aunt Pat & Uncle Ross for the super cute Valentine’s Day card for Avery.  Thank you!

(P.S.  This post is especially for you, Nannie.  I love you and I’m sorry I haven’t had time to post more for you to see!)



The Past 10 Weeks in Pictures October 20, 2013

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We made it through the last 10 weeks of craziness.  It was rough, but rewarding all at the same time.  Avery got lots of quality time with her Granny and with Mari and her daughters (cousins).  I will always think of this time as being so very special.  I feel extremely blessed that she was able to spend months 3 through 6 of her life with these two wonderful women.  I love you both and appreciate you each so very much!

Tomorrow we begin a new chapter, as we take Avery to daycare.  It has been rough on me thinking about the change, but Adam has done everything he can to reassure me that this is the right place for Avery.  They will take very good care of her and she will get the chance to interact with 7 other babies, as well as make some possible lifetime friends.  Not to mention, Adam will be a short five minutes away, and with football being over, this change will allow all three of us to get so much more family time together.  I can’t wait!

And with that…here are some of my favorite pictures from all of these weeks of NO blog posts.


Mari’s adorable pictures of Avery at her house.



Avery’s first football game.  We visited Daddy on the job.  :)



Some of my favorite faces.



Reading the paper with Granddad on one of our Thursday night sleepovers.



All smiles in the Bumbo.



My favorite picture of Avery to-date.  This is her true smile.



But wait, this smile is pretty darn good too!!



More of Avery and Momma snuggling up.



Checking out deer pictures with Daddy.



I still get a few Avery naps on me every now and then.   One of my favorite things in the world.



This one is from yesterday.  She loves to play!


Life is good.


My Favorite Pictures from June July 11, 2013

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Here are some of my favorite shots from June.  Enjoy.

1) This is a classic picture of play-time at our house.




2) Daddy and Avery are all-pro at taking naps together.  I especially love that they are even sleeping the same way in the first shot.

1.SamePose 1.Sleeping


3) Nap time with Momma.

I adore when she puts her little hand on mine.

1.Pacifier 1.MommyAndAHands



4) Sitting up in the Boppy.  She looks so old in this one!



5) Tummy time on Daddy’s chest.  Love, love, love these two pictures.

1.SittingUp2 1.SittingUp


6) Just hanging out with Dad.



7) Hanging with Mom.

1.Avery and Momma


~Life with Adam and Avery is pretty darn good.~



Professional Photo Session June 4, 2013

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We just got back all of the professional pictures that we had taken when Avery was 9 days old. I just can’t help but share some (okay, a lot) of them, as I am in love with them! These were taken at our house too, no photography studio, which makes them even more special to me. All photos here were taken by Amanda Lea Photography. If you live in the area and want pictures taken, I highly recommend her, as she is an old friend of mine from way back in elementary school and she is very reasonably priced!

20130531_3 20130531_5 20130531_6 20130531_8

20130531_9 20130531_11

20130531_13 20130531_14

20130531_15 20130531_21

20130531_22 20130531_26

20130531_30 20130531_31

20130531_34 20130531_38

20130531_39 20130531_42

20130531_44 20130531_46

20130531_48 20130531_50

20130531_53 20130531_54




1 Month Old June 3, 2013

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Well, Adam and I survived the first month with our precious Avery Grace.  And by survived, I hope no one takes that to be a negative…however, anyone who has had a newborn knows exactly what I mean by this.  It has truly been the toughest four weeks of my life!  However, it has also been the most rewarding and special and amazing and the list goes on and on with positive words here.  I do miss sleeping a consecutive 8-9 hours a night, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything when I pick up our baby girl and feel her melt into my arms.  I love and adore her more than words can describe.

Month 1 - side

Month 1

What has changed over the past 4 weeks?

-At Avery’s four week check-up she was up to 8 pounds, 2 ounces.

-She now looks and stares at our faces.

-She smiles, though not at anything specific…I can’t wait for her to actually smile at us!

-She has a little activity gym that she loves to lay under and look at.

-She is also awake and looking around soo much more than she was the first few weeks.  She doesn’t just sleep ALL the time.  With this though, she now sometimes likes to be awake in the middle of the night for an hour or more at a time.  This I could do without.  :)

It’s very hard to believe that it has already been a month since…

-Avery has been in our lives.

-I was extremely pregnant.  Looking at the last belly picture I took, I already can’t believe I was that big.  It just seems crazy.

-I slept more than 3 hours in a row at a time.  Being a lover of sleep, I never thought this would be possible, but I’m still functioning and being somewhat productive.  Some days my grumpiness at being so tired is hard to overcome though.  Sorry Adam.

-I have been out of school/not working.  The best is that Adam and I still have all of June and July to enjoy Avery and time together as a family of 3.

In the next few weeks I am most looking forward to…

-Watching Avery change on a daily basis.

-Avery crying less…our pediatrician told us crying peaks at 6 weeks, so we’ve only got a few more to get through before it starts getting better.

-Heading to Macon to see the Grandparents.  I know they can’t wait to see Avery, as a month has been too long!

-Getting back into the groove of exercising and going to the gym again.  I haven’t been since the night before Avery was born.  So I’m very ready to get back into a routine and trying to get back into shape.

-Testing out more yummy dinner recipes that do not involve carbs.  Adam and I are working to eat less carbs.  This week we made Lasagna with no pasta, and pizza with a cauliflower crust.  We were surprised with how much we enjoyed both and didn’t miss the carbs one bit!  The crust can be found HERE and the Lasagna can be found HERE.

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