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The Last Few Months in Pictures April 8, 2014

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Obviously I have been MIA on my blog posting the last few months. I have been taking no less pictures than usual, including Avery’s 10 and 11-month pics…but have had absolutely no time to sit down and edit pictures and write posts. Today I found about five minutes at work, because I was desperate for a break, to make a post of random pictures I’ve taken with my phone. So for now that’s the best I can do! The end is in sight though!!!

-One week until my thesis defense.

-Less than two weeks until my final thesis is to be turned in.  (Hoping I meet the deadline.)

-Another week after that until my comprehensive exams.

-And one more week after all of that until my last final.

If I can be successful with each of the above items, then my graduate degree will be complete…and I will have much more time for blogging again.  :)











In a nut-shell, Avery loves to play!  And the last picture is of Avery’s first trip to Silver Dollar City and her first train ride.  I adore my little family and feel oh-so lucky to have them.

-Shout-out to Aunt Pat & Uncle Ross for the super cute Valentine’s Day card for Avery.  Thank you!

(P.S.  This post is especially for you, Nannie.  I love you and I’m sorry I haven’t had time to post more for you to see!)



A year and half later… October 28, 2012

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Yes, I did it again. I am quite possibly the worst blogger ever. I wrote three times consecutively…and now it’s been over a year and a half with no posts whatsoever. However, I now have a reason that might keep me a little more on top of things. And that would be the upcoming arrival of the newest member of the Erickson family!!

Adam and I are extremely thrilled to welcome a new baby to our house on or around May 21st, 2013! I have several family members and possibly a few friends who will be dying to see pictures of me and my growing belly (particularly my Nannie), so I think this will be the best way to give those people what they want, since I won’t get to see most of them on a weekly basis. Pictures coming very soon!


4th of July Weekend July 3, 2011

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Adam and I left Friday morning to make the drive to spend the weekend in his hometown, where his Dad still lives. I enjoy coming up here because it’s always a very laid back weekend with nothing important that needs to get done.

Case in point: Friday we went fishing at the pond, played with Emma, and ate some delicious walleye fried up by his Dad. Yesterday we made a quick, but lazy trip to Wal-Mart…that never happens at home! I had time to lay out while everyone else mowed, I got lots of reading in, took a nap, then had dinner at The Beaumont Room. We then made it out to a 4th of July get-together to play some badminton and watch some fireworks. Today has been even lazier because it’s been raining off and on all day. Enjoyed Wanda’s yummy breakfast for lunch, now it’s nap time again as the thunder rolls and rain falls. Not sure what tonight brings, seeing as the rain may put a kink in our plans. We will drive home tomorrow, but plan on spending the evening with Mom and Dad for burgers and fireworks at SBU.

I always did love this holiday, possibly even more than Christmas as a kid. And I honestly think I still feel the same. I love the summer, I love fireworks and grilling. I love the feeling of freedom in general, and even more the freedom from school for one more month. I end this post with a full belly and a content demeanor. :)


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