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Holiday Happiness Coming Right Up November 18, 2014

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With Thanksgiving only a little over a week away, Christmas commercials everywhere, and Amazon’s Pre-Black Friday deals happening already, it’s virtually impossible not to have the holidays on my brain! It seems crazy to believe that Avery’s second Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching. And with that comes all the driving and visiting family that is so very exhausting. I love all of our family, I love spending quality time with them, and I want them to get to experience what Avery is like right now…but I just wish there were a way to make it easier. I want to please everyone, while also doing what it best for my own little family. I also want to have some of our own traditions that Avery can look forward to each year. Adam and I want to see if we can make that happen this year.


And with that, I cannot wait to decorate for Christmas this year! Especially because I think Avery is going to LOVE it. Whether or not she can leave ornaments within her reach alone…that is still to be determined. Below are some gorgeous ideas that are really getting me in the decorating mood.

Adding a large graphic design element (like these snowflakes from The Dollar Tree) draws attention to the tree. It also helps space the other ornaments evenly by creating "compartments."

An all white-themed tree. Found on


Elf on the Shelf Ideas

We got one of these for Christmas last year, so I can’t wait to get him out. Found on


Candy Cane Blossoms

I’m not usually one to be big into baking…but these really make me want to make some to take to work.

Found on


A Colorful Christmas Tree Idea! #gradient #christmas #tree

A gradient Christmas tree. I definitely want to do this some day, when we have room for more than one tree.

Found on


Christmas stove top potpourri on ...makes your home smell like Christmas!

This I hope to do over Thanksgiving break as I decorate the house.

Found on




And lastly…bundling and snuggling. Two of my favorites with my sweet girl!


My dearest husband, you can make that trip up to the attic any day now.

And to everyone else, wish me luck with all of this decorating I plan to do while I have my toddler running around everywhere getting into EVERYTHING. It will certainly be a challenge. :)


The Last Few Months in Pictures April 8, 2014

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Obviously I have been MIA on my blog posting the last few months. I have been taking no less pictures than usual, including Avery’s 10 and 11-month pics…but have had absolutely no time to sit down and edit pictures and write posts. Today I found about five minutes at work, because I was desperate for a break, to make a post of random pictures I’ve taken with my phone. So for now that’s the best I can do! The end is in sight though!!!

-One week until my thesis defense.

-Less than two weeks until my final thesis is to be turned in.  (Hoping I meet the deadline.)

-Another week after that until my comprehensive exams.

-And one more week after all of that until my last final.

If I can be successful with each of the above items, then my graduate degree will be complete…and I will have much more time for blogging again.  :)











In a nut-shell, Avery loves to play!  And the last picture is of Avery’s first trip to Silver Dollar City and her first train ride.  I adore my little family and feel oh-so lucky to have them.

-Shout-out to Aunt Pat & Uncle Ross for the super cute Valentine’s Day card for Avery.  Thank you!

(P.S.  This post is especially for you, Nannie.  I love you and I’m sorry I haven’t had time to post more for you to see!)



My Favorite Pictures from June July 11, 2013

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Here are some of my favorite shots from June.  Enjoy.

1) This is a classic picture of play-time at our house.




2) Daddy and Avery are all-pro at taking naps together.  I especially love that they are even sleeping the same way in the first shot.

1.SamePose 1.Sleeping


3) Nap time with Momma.

I adore when she puts her little hand on mine.

1.Pacifier 1.MommyAndAHands



4) Sitting up in the Boppy.  She looks so old in this one!



5) Tummy time on Daddy’s chest.  Love, love, love these two pictures.

1.SittingUp2 1.SittingUp


6) Just hanging out with Dad.



7) Hanging with Mom.

1.Avery and Momma


~Life with Adam and Avery is pretty darn good.~



It’s May 21st May 21, 2013

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Remember this picture???  

Baby Erickson - Love

I can’t believe that May 21st has finally arrived.  The day that we had been awaiting for such a long time is today…and Avery is already 20 days old.  I’m so glad that we didn’t actually have to wait until today to meet her.  How strange to think about the last 3 weeks still being pregnant and still waiting for her to be born.  The past 3 weeks have certainly not been the easiest, but they sure have been memorable, happy, amazing, and life-changing.

Avery is Born.  

.Contraction - Heart Rate Graph

Avery’s Heart Rate on top, my Contractions on the bottom.

.Delivery Room Waiting for Baby

In the Delivery Room – Ready to meet Avery.

.Family of 3

First picture as a family of 3!


One of my favorite views still…watching Adam with Avery.

.3 with Weight

First time being weighed.

.First Swaddle 4


.First Swaddle 2


.One Day Old

And another.

.Going Home .Ready To go Home .Ready to go Home in Car Seat .Snow to Bring Her Home

All ready to go home!  First time in her car seat.  Me following Dad and Avery.  And the snow on our car that Adam had to scrape off before we could leave…since it’s so typical on May 3rd in Missouri!

.First Time in Her Nursery .Home with Our Bracelets .Home with Our Bracelets2

Our first pictures at home with all of our hospital bracelets…and Avery’s first picture in her nursery.  She just looked around contently like she knew she was home.  It was perfect.

For the family who doesn’t get to see Avery every day like Adam and I do, here are some pictures from the last few weeks.  Between the two of us we have taken over 170 pictures already.  I will try to share some of our favorites.

20130521_53 IMG_0110 20130521_456IMG_0104  20130521_475 20130521_466 20130521_55 20130521_71 20130521_456 20130521_461  20130521_4320130521_480

We are in love.  She is precious!


Christmas in Macon December 26, 2012

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Just a handful of pics of Adam and I in Macon on our Christmas celebration on Sunday.


Merry Christmas!


Go Vikings!!!


I love it when he feels our baby.  It makes me melt.


I love you Mr. Erickson!!!


A year and half later… October 28, 2012

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Yes, I did it again. I am quite possibly the worst blogger ever. I wrote three times consecutively…and now it’s been over a year and a half with no posts whatsoever. However, I now have a reason that might keep me a little more on top of things. And that would be the upcoming arrival of the newest member of the Erickson family!!

Adam and I are extremely thrilled to welcome a new baby to our house on or around May 21st, 2013! I have several family members and possibly a few friends who will be dying to see pictures of me and my growing belly (particularly my Nannie), so I think this will be the best way to give those people what they want, since I won’t get to see most of them on a weekly basis. Pictures coming very soon!


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