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2 Years July 19, 2013

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I’m thrilled to say that today marks Adam and I’s 2nd wedding anniversary.  I thought it would be fun to reminisce a bit through my blog, as Adam is never very on board for all that mushy stuff.  :)


Here are some questions and answers that I thought would be fun to answer and then to have to compare to in years to come.

Number of years married: 2

Number of years together: almost 4

Ages: I’m a week short of 29 and he is 32.

Where we live: Our house in Nixa that fits us perfectly for the time being.

Number of kids: ONE!  Our almost 3-month old Avery Grace.

Where do I work? About to start my 7th year teaching at Central.  And I finished off my fifth and final (for now) year of coaching tennis by sending a doubles team to State.

Where does Adam work? He is about to start his 11th year of teaching, and his 5th at Ozark.  (I think I got that right.)  Plus he is starting his second year of coaching junior high football, which he really enjoyed last season.

What awesome things have happened within the last year? We went on vacation to Weston/Miami Florida last summer and to Memphis on a Babymoon over our Spring Break. We also got pregnant with our first baby, then in May welcomed her into the world.  So, pretty much the most awesome thing possible happened.  :)

What do we enjoy doing as a couple? We are very much home-bodies when we aren’t on vacation.  So just being home together is on the top of our list…especially when we are in the midst of all the busyiness that comes with school and coaching.  And now of course, the time it takes to take care of a newborn.  We also love working in the yard together, watching sports (what ever is in season), and eating out.

In our marriage we are really good at… supporting each other.  Adam  is the calm one, who can always bring my high-strung self back together when I’m panicked or worried about something.  I do my best to take care of him in any way that he lets me, even if it’s little things like laundry and cooking dinner with no carbs!

We’re dreaming of… always our next vacation, hopefully to the beach next summer with Avery.  A day when no baby cries ALL day long.  And of course our retirement.

We’re busy with… school very soon, and for a few more weeks entertaining our newborn.

We want to… finish more master’s classes this year.  I’m hoping to completely finish.  And to continue to save money for our retirement and future trips.

I like to… read, spend time on the treadmill, watch bad TV.  I’m currently hooked on watching past seasons of The Vampire Diaries. (Thanks Mari and Katie.), and of course try to get my precious baby to smile.

Adam likes to… hunt, play golf, work in the yard, play X-box on occasion, and keep up with the sports world.  He is also a master of Words with Friends.  I don’t think I will ever beat him at that one.

What does a typical day look like? We are still working on what’s typical now that Avery has arrived.  Not to mention it will all change very soon when we both head off to work.

Anniversary Plans: We have spent the day at home…nothing exciting, but at least we are together.  Probably dinner out somewhere yummy tomorrow night.

Most Recent Pic: First shopping trip to Branson with the babe.

First Trip to Branson Shopping


I love you Adam.  Happy Anniversary!  I can’t wait for all the years we have to come.  -Lindsey


It’s May 21st May 21, 2013

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Remember this picture???  

Baby Erickson - Love

I can’t believe that May 21st has finally arrived.  The day that we had been awaiting for such a long time is today…and Avery is already 20 days old.  I’m so glad that we didn’t actually have to wait until today to meet her.  How strange to think about the last 3 weeks still being pregnant and still waiting for her to be born.  The past 3 weeks have certainly not been the easiest, but they sure have been memorable, happy, amazing, and life-changing.

Avery is Born.  

.Contraction - Heart Rate Graph

Avery’s Heart Rate on top, my Contractions on the bottom.

.Delivery Room Waiting for Baby

In the Delivery Room – Ready to meet Avery.

.Family of 3

First picture as a family of 3!


One of my favorite views still…watching Adam with Avery.

.3 with Weight

First time being weighed.

.First Swaddle 4


.First Swaddle 2


.One Day Old

And another.

.Going Home .Ready To go Home .Ready to go Home in Car Seat .Snow to Bring Her Home

All ready to go home!  First time in her car seat.  Me following Dad and Avery.  And the snow on our car that Adam had to scrape off before we could leave…since it’s so typical on May 3rd in Missouri!

.First Time in Her Nursery .Home with Our Bracelets .Home with Our Bracelets2

Our first pictures at home with all of our hospital bracelets…and Avery’s first picture in her nursery.  She just looked around contently like she knew she was home.  It was perfect.

For the family who doesn’t get to see Avery every day like Adam and I do, here are some pictures from the last few weeks.  Between the two of us we have taken over 170 pictures already.  I will try to share some of our favorites.

20130521_53 IMG_0110 20130521_456IMG_0104  20130521_475 20130521_466 20130521_55 20130521_71 20130521_456 20130521_461  20130521_4320130521_480

We are in love.  She is precious!


Pregnant! November 1, 2012

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We were pleasantly surprised to discover on September 10th that we were pregnant.  We took two tests just to be sure!

Then we clearly needed to take just a few more pictures to show our excitement at becoming Mom and Dad to-be.

And finally, the picture below is the one we will more than likely use to share our news with the Internet world, i.e. our FB friends, as well as my coworkers.  Adam already spilled the beans to his coworkers this week, so next week I think it’s time for me to do the same.


44 Days To Go! June 6, 2011

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I am 44 days away from being a married woman again. This time to the most wonderful man I know besides my father. I say this with complete honesty. He is the total package in every way possible.

Adam is in many areas more intelligent than myself. I love how smart he is!
He is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful brown eyes, dark hair, tall, and tan.
He is an extremely hard worker, a great teacher, a wonderful coach, and amazing son.
He is responsible, thoughtful, caring, hilarious, ambitious, cute, sweet, and the man of my dreams!

I am very happy that this time around our wedding is all about us. We want our parents there to help celebrate the special day with us, but beyond that, it’s all about this journey we plan to continue together. He has become my whole life, and I can’t imagine it without him. I soo look forward to dedicating myself to him and the life that we will continue to build with one another. As we catch ourselves already calling/thinking of one another as each others spouse’s, this will make it official…especially to all the superficial people out there, who wouldn’t see it for what it is without that title.

I look forward to changing my name for the last and final time. I look forward to starting a family with this man, VERY soon. I look forward to growing in our relationship, and to growing old with him. Adam you are my one and only, and I love you so very much! 44 days baby. :)


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