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Things That Are “Saving” My Life Right Now February 1, 2015

After a recommendation from my BFF, I have started reading the blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy.  She writes a lot about books, which are my favorite posts, but recently she inspired me to type up a list of things that are making this winter that much more bearable…to be posted on Groundhog’s Day, the halfway point of winter.  To explain and encourage her readers to do the same, she writes,

“I’m marking the things—big and small—that are making my life so peculiarly precious during this season. The things that are saving my life, even if it sounds silly to say so. “

So, without further explanation, here is my list of things that are “saving” me from the winter blues:


1. Boots, boots, boots — I would not mind dressing up for work in the winter if I could just wear jeans every day with a nice sweater or top…but that is frowned up.  I also do not like wearing heels to teach in, but I think they look the best with dress pants, so basically this amounts to me not really enjoying dressing up for work.  :p  My solution to this problem has been to wear boots  every chance I get.  I wear them with various colors of leggings or with skinny jeans in a variety of non-blue colors.  i.e.  I have a new khaki pair from American Eagle that are super cute with brown boots.  The only problem that this creates, is that I am always dreaming of another pair that I “need” to buy.  (Boots from, Journey’s, and



2. Coffee — Coffee is the new water…at least for me it seems to be.  Not only do I love it, but I feel that it is a necessity.  Three cups minimum.  Every now and then I even drink a cup after I get home from work too, as I feel I need a little caffeine boost, but do not want to drink a soda.  (After reading several articles lately about how terrible pop is for you, I’ve been trying to cut it out almost completely.) This particular day I had Starbucks, that pretty much only happens about once month.  Most days I stick to using my precious Keurig.



3. Dreaming of Florida — My husband and I had gone on a vacation every single year we were together, usually to various parts of Florida…and then we had Avery.  Ha.  Two years later, we are finally going back, this time with our baby.  We have a condo booked for Orlando the first week of June.  Adam and I are constantly talking about and planning different aspects of the trip.  It’s making the end of the school year that much more exciting and giving me a reason to daydream about summer.  (Trip to the Key’s in 2011.)


Key West





4. Books — Books are my constant go-to for entertainment.  When I am reading something really good I get excited for the opportunity to sneak in even five minutes.  Plus, when there is no beautiful weather outside calling my name…cuddling up with a good book and a blanket sounds pretty darn good.






5. Not Being Sick, one day at a time — Winter has not been kind to me thus far.  I have already been sick twice since November, and as I type this have almost completely lost my voice…not sure yet if it’s going to turn into something more.  There are constantly sick students all around me, as well as sick students around my husband, plus all of the toddlers running around Avery’s daycare with her.  Therefore, truly every day that I wake up and feel “not sick” is a blessing, as is when Avery and Adam both seem well too.



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