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My Favorite Pictures from June July 11, 2013

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Here are some of my favorite shots from June.  Enjoy.

1) This is a classic picture of play-time at our house.




2) Daddy and Avery are all-pro at taking naps together.  I especially love that they are even sleeping the same way in the first shot.

1.SamePose 1.Sleeping


3) Nap time with Momma.

I adore when she puts her little hand on mine.

1.Pacifier 1.MommyAndAHands



4) Sitting up in the Boppy.  She looks so old in this one!



5) Tummy time on Daddy’s chest.  Love, love, love these two pictures.

1.SittingUp2 1.SittingUp


6) Just hanging out with Dad.



7) Hanging with Mom.

1.Avery and Momma


~Life with Adam and Avery is pretty darn good.~



2 Months Old July 7, 2013

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Avery was 2 months old on July 1st.  It is truly amazing how much she has changed in just 2 months time.  It really seems like every few days there is a new pattern in her behavior or something new that she has started doing.  It’s hard to keep up some times, but also so much fun!  Some how I feel that my love for her grows each and every day…even at the times when she still cries uncontrollably for no apparent reason.  :) 


Weight — 9 lbs, 9 oz.  (up from 6 lbs, 15 oz at birth)

Length — 22 inches  (up from 20 inches at birth)

Month 2

Month 2 - 2

Month 2 - side

Month 2 - closeup

What has changed over the past 4 weeks?

-Avery is very much awake all the time now, and doesn’t cry nearly as often when she is going to sleep.

-She stares and checks out everything now.  She loves to look at new things and even seems to be getting bored at times when she is just being held still if you aren’t talking to her or giving her something to look at.

-We have had to retire several of her newborn onesies, as they are now to small–lengthwise.  She is also fitting into several 0-3 months clothes now too.

-She now coos and makes adorable sounds while she is playing.  She also “talks” back to us a lot, making sounds and every now and then mimicking the same sounds we make.

-My Next to Favorite:  She has started sleeping much longer at night, so now I only have to get up once in the middle of the night to feed her.  Our longest stretch so far has been her sleeping for about 5 hours!

-My Favorite:  In the last week or so she has started smiling/grinning at us!  It is THE cutest thing ever, and I LOVE it!!!!


In the next month I am most looking forward to…

-Watching Avery continue to change on a daily basis.

-Working on getting her to fall asleep on her own without being held every single time.  This has happened a few times, but we are hoping to up the frequency.

-Enjoying every last minute of the last days of summer with Adam and Avery.  I can’t believe it’s almost over!  :(

8 Weeks Later…1.8WeeksLater

While the zooms aren’t the same, if you look at the pattern on the chair you can see how much she has grown in length.  And obviously by looking at the sleeper there is a big difference in the way it fits!


Baby Books Have Been Keeping Me From Blogging… (Sure, sure.) June 27, 2013

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For about 25 weeks I was very much on top of the blogging, getting at least one post in a week.  Now, since Avery has been born…not so much!  She makes finding time to write a bit more challenging, not to mention I don’t have my weekly belly prompts to keep me going.  Being the list person that I am, that format was much more suited for me than just free-response type posts.  Now, I’m not even sure what to write about!

So…here’s the BIG excuse I’m going to use for today about why I haven’t been writing…and that is Avery’s baby books.  ;)

Over the past few weeks I have been working to complete “The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly.”  I had it mostly filled in before Avery’s birth, but have been working to fill in the remaining pages all about her birth, and gluing in all of the last few weeks of belly pictures and pictures from the hospital.  It has turned out to be a really neat book that I will be able to look back on, and that some day, if she’s at all interested, Avery can look at too.  It has taken a lot of time to fill out, but I love the finished product!

I also just bought the follow-up to this book, “My Baby Book: A Keepsake Journal for Baby’s First Year.”  I have had lot’s to fill-in up front on that one as well.  Then, it will only be every month.  I’m not big on scrap-booking, as that takes even more time than this…so these books are the perfect alternative.

There is one more book in this series called “Your Birthday Book: A Keepsake Journal” that chronicles every year from 1 to 18.  I have not bought this one yet, but plan to.

*I bought all of these books on Amazon if anyone is interested in getting their own copies.  Love them!


~I really do hope to get back to writing more frequently!  And I promise to have a two month post coming up…which is only a few days away.  HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE????  I leave you with two quick pics of my favorite girl.

After her bath.  What a cutie in her duckie towel.

Sitting on my lap, looking oh so serious, and showing off those chubby cheeks.


Professional Photo Session June 4, 2013

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We just got back all of the professional pictures that we had taken when Avery was 9 days old. I just can’t help but share some (okay, a lot) of them, as I am in love with them! These were taken at our house too, no photography studio, which makes them even more special to me. All photos here were taken by Amanda Lea Photography. If you live in the area and want pictures taken, I highly recommend her, as she is an old friend of mine from way back in elementary school and she is very reasonably priced!

20130531_3 20130531_5 20130531_6 20130531_8

20130531_9 20130531_11

20130531_13 20130531_14

20130531_15 20130531_21

20130531_22 20130531_26

20130531_30 20130531_31

20130531_34 20130531_38

20130531_39 20130531_42

20130531_44 20130531_46

20130531_48 20130531_50

20130531_53 20130531_54




1 Month Old June 3, 2013

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Well, Adam and I survived the first month with our precious Avery Grace.  And by survived, I hope no one takes that to be a negative…however, anyone who has had a newborn knows exactly what I mean by this.  It has truly been the toughest four weeks of my life!  However, it has also been the most rewarding and special and amazing and the list goes on and on with positive words here.  I do miss sleeping a consecutive 8-9 hours a night, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything when I pick up our baby girl and feel her melt into my arms.  I love and adore her more than words can describe.

Month 1 - side

Month 1

What has changed over the past 4 weeks?

-At Avery’s four week check-up she was up to 8 pounds, 2 ounces.

-She now looks and stares at our faces.

-She smiles, though not at anything specific…I can’t wait for her to actually smile at us!

-She has a little activity gym that she loves to lay under and look at.

-She is also awake and looking around soo much more than she was the first few weeks.  She doesn’t just sleep ALL the time.  With this though, she now sometimes likes to be awake in the middle of the night for an hour or more at a time.  This I could do without.  :)

It’s very hard to believe that it has already been a month since…

-Avery has been in our lives.

-I was extremely pregnant.  Looking at the last belly picture I took, I already can’t believe I was that big.  It just seems crazy.

-I slept more than 3 hours in a row at a time.  Being a lover of sleep, I never thought this would be possible, but I’m still functioning and being somewhat productive.  Some days my grumpiness at being so tired is hard to overcome though.  Sorry Adam.

-I have been out of school/not working.  The best is that Adam and I still have all of June and July to enjoy Avery and time together as a family of 3.

In the next few weeks I am most looking forward to…

-Watching Avery change on a daily basis.

-Avery crying less…our pediatrician told us crying peaks at 6 weeks, so we’ve only got a few more to get through before it starts getting better.

-Heading to Macon to see the Grandparents.  I know they can’t wait to see Avery, as a month has been too long!

-Getting back into the groove of exercising and going to the gym again.  I haven’t been since the night before Avery was born.  So I’m very ready to get back into a routine and trying to get back into shape.

-Testing out more yummy dinner recipes that do not involve carbs.  Adam and I are working to eat less carbs.  This week we made Lasagna with no pasta, and pizza with a cauliflower crust.  We were surprised with how much we enjoyed both and didn’t miss the carbs one bit!  The crust can be found HERE and the Lasagna can be found HERE.

Recent Favorites of my Girl:

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It’s May 21st May 21, 2013

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Remember this picture???  

Baby Erickson - Love

I can’t believe that May 21st has finally arrived.  The day that we had been awaiting for such a long time is today…and Avery is already 20 days old.  I’m so glad that we didn’t actually have to wait until today to meet her.  How strange to think about the last 3 weeks still being pregnant and still waiting for her to be born.  The past 3 weeks have certainly not been the easiest, but they sure have been memorable, happy, amazing, and life-changing.

Avery is Born.  

.Contraction - Heart Rate Graph

Avery’s Heart Rate on top, my Contractions on the bottom.

.Delivery Room Waiting for Baby

In the Delivery Room – Ready to meet Avery.

.Family of 3

First picture as a family of 3!


One of my favorite views still…watching Adam with Avery.

.3 with Weight

First time being weighed.

.First Swaddle 4


.First Swaddle 2


.One Day Old

And another.

.Going Home .Ready To go Home .Ready to go Home in Car Seat .Snow to Bring Her Home

All ready to go home!  First time in her car seat.  Me following Dad and Avery.  And the snow on our car that Adam had to scrape off before we could leave…since it’s so typical on May 3rd in Missouri!

.First Time in Her Nursery .Home with Our Bracelets .Home with Our Bracelets2

Our first pictures at home with all of our hospital bracelets…and Avery’s first picture in her nursery.  She just looked around contently like she knew she was home.  It was perfect.

For the family who doesn’t get to see Avery every day like Adam and I do, here are some pictures from the last few weeks.  Between the two of us we have taken over 170 pictures already.  I will try to share some of our favorites.

20130521_53 IMG_0110 20130521_456IMG_0104  20130521_475 20130521_466 20130521_55 20130521_71 20130521_456 20130521_461  20130521_4320130521_480

We are in love.  She is precious!


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