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Last 5 Randomly Strange Things I Learned or Heard Teaching Teenagers January 20, 2015

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When I wrote my first post with this title, I had intended to continue writing these every month or so.  Two years later, here is finally another one.  This is certainly not because I haven’t heard crazy things in the last two years, but because I simply get too busy and forget to write them all down.


1) A conversation between two of my freshmen students:

“If two white people have a baby in China, the baby will be Chinese!”

“Right, they will be Chinese citizens.”

“No, no, I’m saying they will look Chinese!”

“You’re crazy, no they won’t.”

“Yes, I swear!”

“Okay, well what if two black people have a baby in Mexico…will their baby look Mexican?”

“Of course not!  That would be crazy.”

(I know as a teacher I’m not supposed to laugh at my students, but on this occasion I went the other direction and I couldn’t stop laughing!)


2) I got asked last week by a student (who again, was totally serious) if my hair was permed.  I told him that was a funny  joke.  For those that know me, or who have seen pictures, you are fully aware of exactly how straight my hair is…whether I attempt to make it straight or not!


3) One class seems to have an obsession with old I am.  After telling them at least three times that I am 30 years old, I started responding instead that I am 55 when they ask me…which still seems to be at least once a week, as I tire of their repetitive question.  After several weeks of being super sarcastic and stating that I was 55, one student, out of the blue came up to me on her way out of the room and said, “Wow, I just can’t get over how good you look for being 55.”  Sheesh!


4) If your variables cancel out when solving an equation, then you have either infinite solutions or no solutions based on what’s left.  This student knew exactly what they were doing…however, they didn’t exactly abbreviate their answer appropriately.



5) My last one of the day I figure I probably can’t use in my Trig classes anymore.  What a bummer!


~I also refuse to play Trivia Crack, because that’s all I hear about from my students lately.  For those not around teenagers all day, I hear this is a great app to check out!  ;)




Last 5 Randomly Strange Things I Learned or Heard Teaching Teenagers April 6, 2013

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The other day I was at school, saw something I was shocked by, and sent Mari a text about it.  She was just as appalled, then made a comment about how I should be writing these crazy types of things I see at school down somewhere.  After thinking about it, I thought what better place than my blog?  I’m still working on a title that I like, not sure if this one will stick.  I hope though to keep a collection of the craziest, weirdest things I see at work, as well as funny things kids say…which is a lot!  That way I have a record for myself, and also to hopefully entertain some of you.

Last 5: (in no particular order)

1)  I learn new words ALL the time!  I swear these kids have their own language.  This week the word was RATCHET.   A kid asked me, “Have you seen that RATCHET girl?”  I replied with, is that a band?  a movie?  what are you talking about?  I was waaay off, apparently RATCHET means ugly, gross, icky, etc.  I will not be using that word, but at least now can stop kids if I hear them using it against each other!

2) TATTOO’s.  These are shockingly huge in high school.  I had one girl who showed me her’s that she had just gotten for her……13th birthday!!!!!  And her parents allowed it.  Also, if you are a male and you get a new tattoo, you must walk around school for at ls east a week with one of your sleeves rolled up so that every one can see it as it heals.  Ridiculous.

3) A group of kids told me the other day that I should be in movies.  At first I was flattered, until they continued with, “ya, ya, you could be the pregnant lady that they always need in movies.”  Ha.  Not quite where I thought they were going with that one.  :)

4) Teenagers have no germ boundaries whatsoever.  I watched two freshmen girls share a giant sucker, passing it back and forth, for an hour and a half.  Gag me!

5) Gifted middle-schooler’s are amazing.  After a 7th-grader finished his math work, he pulled out a book titled “Communism” and began reading.  When I asked him about it, he was just reading it for fun, not for any type of school project.  Not at all what I would have chosen to read in 7th grade, let alone right now!

~More posts like this to come.  :)


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